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Fosber America, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023



The Smart Belt SF5 SingleFacer is a quick flute change cassette machine, housed in a heavy-duty cast-iron frame. The new design merges innovation, reliability, and technology to control belt pressure and tracking. Flute change can be accomplished from either side of the machine in as little as 8 minutes utilizing a motorized cart. All hydraulics for the roll change are engineered into the cart, resulting in a simple and reliable machine. Thanks to the machine design, maintenance operations are fast and very easy with 1 hour to change the pressure belt. The pressure belt is Teflon coated with a cloth base and merges innovation, reliability, and durability. Optional water decks for both the medium and the liner side create a balanced sheet that produces high-quality flat sheets. The water film allows the machine to transfer heat more efficiently with less energy. A negative pressure designed machine allows for accessibility to glue roll and glue dams area.

The Smart Belt SF5 SingleFacer has automatic controls for wrap arm positioning, steam pressure, steam shower, and glue gaps. The machine can also utilize Fosber’s Syncro computer-based corrugator control system. Syncro utilizes intuitive touch screens to display information utilizing machine signals and production information of a complete corrugator. Syncro can provide control, monitoring, information display, data entry, diagnostics, and centralized operation for a complete corrugator or individual machines on the corrugator. The system is modular, flexible, and can be configured to individual plant requirements.


The Smart Belt SF5 Belt machine can also utilize Fosber’s Syncro ProCare, a computer-based maintenance and diagnostic system. The program utilizes a fixed console and tablet to display information for machine procedures and advanced data monitoring. The maintenance intervals are automatically flagged to be completed based on time span (example: weekly), amount of product made (example: lineal feet), or number of sequence occurrences (example: cuts made). The system monitors upcoming and completed maintenance items and illustrates the relevant step-by-step procedures through easy-to-follow videos and instructional photographs. The ProCare system is modular, flexible, expandable, and can be configured to individual plant requirements.

Fosber’s Smart Belt SF5 Belt SingleFacer offers state-of-the-art technology, supported with the best service, parts, and training in the industry. Our machines have been designed to guarantee maximum flexibility of the production process in terms of performance level and the quality of the finished product.

Fosber America is committed as the leader in the manufacturing of corrugated machinery and services for North America.’


Tony Battaglia

Product Line Manager


Tony brings more than 20+ years’ experience in the paper industry, including positions as a Machine Operator, Corrugator Supervisor, Plant Superintendent, and Corrugator Superintendent. Tony joined Fosber America in 2015. Fosber customers are sure to benefit from Tony’s technical background and hard work and determination.


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