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GF Puhl Co. Inc.

By Gregg Puhl

January 24, 2022


We often are called in to survey and troubleshoot an existing trim and/or dust collection system that is not working well. The majority of the time the customer has done their best to maintain their system and many times has taken extraordinary measures to keep their system running.

Most often we find that the system has been added to without engineering and up-sizing capacity, undersized from the start, or poorly designed for the application. We call this “Breaking the Laws of Physics”. These laws or standards in the dust and trim collection system industry primarily involve proper sizing of the dust filter air-to-cloth ratio, separator screen sizing, having the correct blower performance and type, having some baler surge capacity designed into the system, and the proper sizing, type and layout of the ductwork.

Maintaining minimum conveying velocity is also key to avoiding scrap collection system problems especially when you are manufacturing products that are at or near your die cutter’s size and configuration limits.

Undersizing the system costs less up front, but the system owner ends up paying for it and more over the long term, sometimes without realizing it. Recurring long term small problems can consume profits and are difficult to address if the system is not designed for the task. A single scrap duct jam is considered a small problem unless it happens regularly over time for many years. Excessive filter media change outs, down time due to jams and dusty baler rooms are all symptoms of these problems.


Today there are several “new” types of dust collectors and filters on the market, each promising to achieve the same result but at a lower price. Our advice is to look both at the investment cost and the impact these new types of collectors can have on your operation when having to shut production down to change filter media often or in unplanned emergency situations where the filter is breached and dusting your plant.


At Puhl we do not try and break the “laws of physics” when designing our systems to be the low bidder. Our customers appreciate this approach and have over many years told us this in many ways. Our system design approach is to include factors of safety on system capacity, performance and endurance. This allows us to offer a system that is both reliable and cost effective when all costs are considered, and at the same time a system that is NFPA compliant and user friendly.

If you have a system that is not working or are interested in a new system, give us a call at 615-230-9500, or email us at

Gregg has been in the trim and dust collection industry his entire career, starting with his first job at his father’s business installing cyclones and balers in the 1970s and later opening his own business in 1983 after his father passed away. Gregg always takes the long term view of maintaining and building customer relationships and stands behind the work we do at Puhl.


Gregg Puhl

President and Owner