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Hazmat Awareness for Salespeople: Value Added Opportunities without Regulatory Risk

July 5, 2022

A more knowledgeable salesperson is a more effective salesperson. This is likely becoming more pertinent when face-to-face contact with your customers is at an all-time low. The ability to meet customer inquiries during a sales call can improve turn-around time and add value to your customer conversations.Customer requests for “HAZMAT” items can be a significant source of sales for you. Through customer retention, full-line service needs, single-sourcing strategies, and increased margin for this service; meeting these customer needs can be a significant revenue source and increased opportunities to expand business in your customers. Any need you can meet is one less question left for a competitor. Given the structure of the Hazardous Materials Regulations [HMR] we must be careful to speak in a manner that is precise and consistent with your role in the regulatory system and your company’s policies. Because the salesperson is the first contact with the Hazmat customer, the identification of a regulated item and the awareness of the best sales strategy to meet customer needs begins with you. There is subject matter expertise behind you in your company, but your ability to gather relevant information and manage communication is crucial.This webinar will increase your understanding of the structure of the HMR so you can take advantage of these sales opportunities while controlling regulatory and business risks for your company.

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