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ICPF Provides Award to Expand University of Texas at Arlington’s Corrugated Packaging Program

By AICC Staff

July 24, 2019


Millersville University (MU) students receive corrugated testing instruction with new TMI equipment that was provided this past year through ICPF’s Corrugated Packaging Awards program. In 2008, ICPF installed a CAD table and Artios design software at Millersville University that launched the packaging design program for graphic design students within MU’s Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology. Each year, a majority of MU’s packaging design and graphic design graduates are hired by the region’s corrugated packaging and display industry.

Six years ago, ICPF installed a DT 3000 CAD sample table (donated to ICPF by Vanguard Packaging) and Artios software (donated by Esko) to initiate a partnership and packaging design program for the University of Texas at Arlington (UT–A) graphic design students within the university’s art and art history departments. That same year, Jana Harris of Harris Packaging, whose firm is an ICPF Corporate Partner, was recruited by ICPF to serve as ICPF’s representative to UT–A’s new corrugated packaging advisory board. Like the ICPF representatives who have been appointed to the advisory boards established at its 25 partner universities, Jana has donated extensive time to provide input on UT–A’s corrugated packaging program, to mentor corrugated packaging faculty and students, to hire student interns and new graduates, and to promote the hiring of student interns by other ICPF Corporate Partners with operations in the region. Most recently, Harris Packaging donated an additional 2002 Kongsberg CAD table to the UT–A program.

This past year, UT–A also applied to ICPF’s university packaging award program to expand its program. UT–A will be provided with up to $124,350 in donations of equipment and funding over three years to enhance its corrugated packaging curriculum to eight separate courses, to create a new minor in corrugated packaging design, to hire two adjunct professors from the industry, and to place a large-scale flatbed printer, as well as 20 computers, desks, and chairs to upgrade UT–A’s packaging design lab.

The assistance provided to UT–A is part of ICPF’s 2018–2021 Corrugated Packaging University Endowment Awards program, through which ICPF’s 25 partner universities, as well as other colleges around the country, were invited to submit proposals to expand or create new corrugated curricula. Eleven campuses that submitted proposals were selected to sign partnership/asset placement agreements to receive ICPF-purchased equipment, donated design software, and funding for up to three years. As an extension of this program, universities across the nation will be invited each fall to submit additional corrugated packaging curricula proposals that will be considered to receive ICPF’s university packaging award assistance.

width=150Richard Flaherty is president of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation.