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Leary, W. H.

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Leary, W. H.

W. H. Leary’s advancement in gluing and quality assurance solutions is in response to a need for overall improved efficiencies and customer requests. Greater quality demands, new and innovative paperboard packaging designs and a continued rise in e-commerce packaging use, have customers looking for ways to improve their specialty folder gluers to deliver drastic results.



Leary’s Monet software user interface drastically reduces training needed as evident with the simple and quick New Job Setup. Using box style intel and machine learning, less pages and less button pushes are needed to deliver quick and efficient startups.

The latest Monet 2.12 release features a more secure approach to maintaining box quality and eliminating human error for repeat jobs by storing defined best-practice settings as a default. Pertinent variables, consistent from job-to-job are protected from operator changes, when exceptions are needed these changes are easily made through a password retrieval system that generates a unique short-term password for log-in privileges. Changes are recorded, and at the end of the production run Monet defaults these settings back to the original, ready for the next run and preserving the baseline setup for the future.

Advancements in glue application and quality assurance offer a more hands-off approach, improving automation in a way that maximizes quality and efficiency. Glue application options allow for automatic tip-seal technology to maintain precise application and minimize equipment maintenance at each machine startup. Quality assurance options include glue detection, flaps detection, code reading, box skew and more. These inspection options require minimum setup and maintenance delivering 100% quality product.

Monitoring production output at all times creates an environment of improved productivity. A large flat screen graphical Production Display has recently been added to Leary’s range of visual management products. Along with programmable multi-color beacons that immediately alert production personnel of a changed or out-of-specification product, these customizable flat screen displays deliver instant detail about downtime, spoilage, production counts and more. This notification method is fitted above each machine and is a simple add-on to existing iQ data solutions delivering a significant impact in identifying productivity.

Leary’s solutions remove human touch points and improve automation in a way that maximizes customers’ quality and efficiencies.