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SUN Automation Group

By Greg Jones

January 24, 2022


2021 Brought New Solutions and Trusted Support to Customers Around the World

SUN Automation Group® continues to provide robust solutions to the global corrugated industry.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented levels of pressure on the corrugated industry, SUN reached significant milestones over the last year, including creating new partnerships with Para S.r.l. and Highcon. SUN’s extensive offerings and resources are positioning the corrugated industry for continued success into the future, no matter what challenges it may bring.

In February of 2021, SUN announced its exclusive strategic partnership agreement with the Italian material handling company, Para S.r.l. With this partnership, SUN is the exclusive representative of all PARA equipment for the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. In addition, SUN provides service for all PARA equipment and is the distributor of PARA parts in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

PARA offers a variety of material handling and machinery solutions for the corrugated industry and has installed over 15,000 products world-wide. PARA’s extensive product range includes: pre-feeders, palletizers, RDC stackers, bundle breakers, pallet inserters, vertical storage solutions, paper mill roll transports and unit conveyors systems from corrugator to converting equipment using smart carts.

“PARA’s extensive product portfolio is an excellent addition to our customer offerings. PARA’s commitment to innovation and customer service is perfectly in-line with SUN’s own ethos and our customer’s needs,” said Greg Jones, Executive Vice President of SUN.

In May, SUN also signed a partnership agreement with Highcon, to promote and sell Highcon digital converting solutions for corrugated in North America. With the exponential growth of e-commerce and the ensuing requirement for packaging that can handle the hazards of direct-to-consumer shipping, Highcon’s digital finishing for corrugated provides solutions to these growing challenges.

“We are excited to be adding the Highcon digital converting systems to our extensive range of innovative equipment for corrugated box plants with the aim of increasing production, efficiency and profitability,” said Paul Aliprando, Vice President of Digital Technologies at SUN Automation Group.

These recent partnerships are just the latest example of SUN’s revolutionary “culture of listening and responding

to customers’ needs” at work—which enables SUN to invest in innovation and devise customized customer solutions.

In just over two years since forging a strategic partnership as the exclusive North and Central American representative for all Latitude Machinery Corporation (LMC) machinery, SUN continues to place LMC machines in corrugated box facilities in North and Central America. LMC is a rapidly growing and world-class Taiwanese manufacturer of Flexo Folder Gluers, Rotary Die Cutters and other solutions to the corrugated industry having placed over 100 pieces of machinery in the North America region.

With the largest inventory of parts in the United States, with many ready to ship same-day and overnight, SUN Automation Group is committed to the sustained success of its customers. This commitment goes beyond simply supplying the necessary parts—it also centers around providing customers with all the necessary support needed to keep their machines running optimally, without interruption. As box-making plants are pushed to their capacity limits and supply chains face ongoing challenges, this universal support enables customers to proceed confidently, knowing that they can count on their equipment to run efficiently around the clock. And with a growing staff of service and support technicians around the world, SUN is ready and uniquely equipped to handle most any customer need, regardless of location.

In looking ahead, SUN seeks to continue to meet customer demands by working tirelessly to be a trusted partner and employ a “culture of listening.” Whether that means servicing equipment and supplying parts, fulfilling new orders, establishing new partnerships or innovating new solutions, SUN plans to answer the demands of today as well as tomorrow.

With so many happenings going on, SUN encourages visits to its state-of-the-art facility in Glen Arm, Maryland. To contact directly call: 410-472-2900 or visit:


Greg Jones

Executive Vice President


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