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SUN Automation Group

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


Laying The Foundation for Flexibility with Sun Automation Group®

Industry Pioneer Paves the Way for Successfully Seizing Opportunities in 2023

With ever-present supply chain challenges carrying into the new year, converters need to be adaptable to capitalize on opportunities in 2023. Alongside a robust support team and strategic international partnerships, SUN Automation Group® can provide much-needed flexibility through more than just a portfolio of industry-leading equipment. SUN shines light on a diverse and well-rounded suite of converting, feeding and printing solutions, coupled with the parts, service, support and technology needed to ensure your operation is refined and ready for the new year.

“Demand remains high for corrugated packaging that is more dynamic, delivered faster, and at a competitive price,” says Greg Jones, Executive Vice President for SUN Automation Group. “Meeting these demands remains a goal for corrugated converters, and our goal is to provide such converters with the solutions they need.”

As a leading global provider of innovative solutions for the corrugated industry, SUN understands that the equipment you invest in directly impacts the versatility of your operation. That’s why the SUN 625 RDC was engineered to be a high-producing workhorse with low total cost of ownership. This American-made, vertically opening RDC features seamless inside/outside print integration and the ability to run 200 kicks per minute—up to 12,000 sheets per hour.

The next step in optimizing a system of high-performance equipment lies in leveraging smart technology to access detailed data and insights into the machinery. Learning from a rich history specific to the corrugated industry, SUN developed Helios, the first OEM-agnostic machine learning and IIoT platform by corrugated professionals. Helios has already showcased its effectivity through numerous installations, resulting in improved MSF/hr to maximize TCO investment due to increased uptime of the machinery.

SUN’s devotion to excellence is showcased through key partnerships, providing converters with a wider range of solutions for increasing production, efficiency, and profitability.

“Part of catering to a variety of corrugated board operations is curating strategic international partnerships with other leaders in the industry,” says Jones. “This approach allows us to pinpoint and provide our customers with the solution that is right for them, and we look forward to demonstrating how our expanded knowledge, experience, and suite of solutions can serve the corrugated industry in the new year.”

Since August 2019, SUN Automation Group has been the exclusive representative for Latitude Machinery Corp. (LMC) in North and Central America. LMC is a world-class manufacturer of Rotary Die Cutters, Flexo Folder Gluers, from Mini’s to Jumbos, and other solutions to the corrugated industry. Their equipment maintains an excellent reputation in the marketplace for its reliability and throughput, which is a reflection of the placement of over 100 installations of converting equipment in North America.

While RDCs and FFGs keep up with production, material handling plays an important role in minimizing labor demands and maximizing equipment productivity. Filling the gap for end-to-end material handling needs from roll stock to shipping dock, SUN serves as the exclusive representative for all PARA Machinery material handling systems sold and serviced in North America, United Kingdom and Ireland. PARA’s extensive product range, with over 15,000 products installed worldwide, includes pre-feeders, palletizers, vertical storage solutions, unit conveyor systems, and more.

Complementing the different lines of equipment, SUN also came into agreement of representation in the United States and Canada with Highcon in March 2021. Highcon provides digital finishing machinery that can help improve efficiency and fuel innovation for brands.

Corrugated box plants, especially those striving for maximum adaptability, are elevated by the teams behind the equipment. From the largest parts inventory in North America, to 24/7/365 service, SUN proudly provides industry-leading support worldwide.

The key to meeting demand for high-quality corrugated solutions in 2023 lies in operations that have planned, invested, and implemented systems that allow them to capitalize on every opportunity. SUN is here to guide the way with the equipment, technology, and support to set up converters for success.

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