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Young Shin USA / STOCK

By AICC Staff

January 24, 2022


Looking ahead into 2022, several factors will continue to impact our industry and production capabilities. One of the most challenging factors of the past 18 months has been locating and maintaining a full and trained employee base thereby creating an even greater demand for high-performance, fully-automated diecutters and feeders.

Young Shin’s premier diecutter product line is focused on consistent reliability, operator ease-of-use, and time-saving innovations that reduce manpower requirements and produce the highest quality output—attributes that are essential for today’s essential profitability goals. Certain production floor equipment upgrades and additions that Young Shin provides can step in and fill the place of those hard-to-secure employees. We welcome you to meet your new employees.

Young Shin Diecutters

The entire series of Young Shin Diecutters including the Zenith, Giant, Revotec and Meridian models provide an unprecedented two (2) year parts and equipment warranty, comprehensive installation and thorough operator training. Young Shin USA’s service technicians are employed directly by the company and are supported by two U.S.-based parts depots in Atlanta and Wichita. This team manages all service and support calls while competently and rapidly handling any parts orders requested by our clients.

Young Shin Fully-

Automatic SuperFeed

Young Shin recently rolled out its new fully-automatic SuperFeed series of pre-feeders. Seamlessly integrating into Young Shin diecutter models, the SuperFeed is also compatible with most standard flatbed diecutters, digital printers and litho-laminating equipment. The unit can process up to 7,000 SPH with minimum production floor space yet expedites the automatic one-by-one staging and feeding of sheets. The SuperFeed features an automatic sheet turning system for laminated boards that are inverted or that require that all sheets be inverted and incorporates an automatic pallet or base sheet discharging system. The SuperFeed immediately increases productivity and profitability, reduces labor costs and is available within sixty (60) days from date of order within the North American market.

STOCK Maschinenbau GmbH

Young Shin USA is also the exclusive North American representative of the STOCK Maschinenbau GmbH brand of comprehensive in-line systems, pattern gluers, litho-laminating and labeling equipment. The STOCK SLLM 2025 Combinator Labeler is a high-production unit that offers speeds up to 10,000 SPH with an integrated automated full- and spot-labeling capacity designed for labeling and full lamination of boxes and displays including single-face corrugated and RSC’s.

To learn more about Young Shin’s and STOCK’s comprehensive product lines, contact Phil Mack, Vice President, at 847-331-0573 or via email at

Phil Mack established Young Shin USA, the North American headquarters of South Korean-based Young Shin Industries in 2008, and has successfully expanded Young Shin’s market presence within the flatbed diecutter market. Young Shin USA also serves as the North American representative of the globally-acclaimed products of German-based STOCK Maschinenbau, a premier manufacturer of labelers, laminators, in-line systems and single-face sheeters and the UK-based Cartostrip, a hand-held stripping device.


Phil Mack

Vice President

847-331-0573 (mobile)

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