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AG Stacker Manufacturing, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021

width=295AGS Manufacturing, like the rest of the COVID-19 world, found that 2020 presented some massive and unprecedented challenges. AGS customers have been able to gain extreme benefits from the continued innovation and development of new and improved products. “Committed to Innovation” remains the guiding principle for the engineering team at AG that through constant customer collaboration have led AG to design and develop the following as our latest innovations.


The AGS Manufacturing ICS (Infeed Conveyor System) is a semi-automatic solution for the infeed of all converting machines. Utilizing the technology offered by the pit-less X-12 scissor lift eliminates the ergonomic inherent on manually fed machinery. This system has a fork truck station that receives loads from a fork truck and fully automates the indexing and lifting of stacks of corrugated sheets so that operators merely move handfuls of sheets to the feed table without any bending or lifting. This system is typically configured at a total length of between 24’–32′ and frees the operator from the task of needing to index loads forward or raise and lower the lift with controls or foot pedals. A “fast down” mode allows the lift table to lower in less than 3 seconds, maximizing the ability to cycle loads. The system is safety guarded and fully motorized to open and close independently of the machine. Multiple orders can be loaded on the system at the same time and no set-up time is required for order changeovers.

The AGS SRS (Scrap Release System) is a new subsystem for the lay-boy that offers the same superior sheet control as the XRI and G3 lay-boy models. This new design provides supreme scrap removal via redesigned lay-boy arms; combined with a high velocity engineered air knife system, this option provides supreme control and scrap removal that is both effective and simple. The system allows for scrap pinched under a belt or between belts to be removed without losing blank control. The engineered air knives along with variable speed air control effectively remove scrap without the need to modify existing dies or reduced production speeds.

The AGS SQR (Sample, Quality Control, Rejection) module for stackers automatically and safely ejects sheets without interrupting production. The SQR is the most productive solution for removal of set-up sheets or finished product to complete QC checks, double printed sheets as a result of missed feeds or rejection of out of tolerance sheets identified on press inspection systems.

The AGS DSS (Divert, Separate, Sort) module for stackers provides the ability to control and automatically divert and separate unnicked boxes. This system is adjustable from the HMI without interrupting production. The diverting arms and angles are saved with the order recipe for automatic set-up on repeat orders that include diverting of 2, 3 and 4 out blanks. This module eliminates the need for the manual set-up of lay-boy arms. When combined with our Servo Tamp, order changeover times for the stacker can be achieved in less than 2 minutes.

SERVO TAMP is a favorite among AG Stacker customers seeking to run a high percentage of 2, 3 and 4 out boxes without the use of a bundle breaker or suffering through long set-ups. SERVO TAMP provides auto set-up and recall of stored recipes for the entire hopper section, dividers, side tampers, backstop, rear tamping.

Our High-Speed Hopper Ejector (HSHE) functions like an FFG counter ejector while running nicked logs of bundles. The HSHE offers the fastest bundle cycle times in the industry with no feed interrupt at speeds up to and over 12 m/hr. The HSHE is critical for achieving no interrupt of feeding while running bundles, regardless of speed. Must include the X-12 lift table and bundle conveying system for diverting to a secondary line for automatic bundle breaking or manual breaking of nicks.

The AGS X-12 scissor lift table is a patented design that is pit-less (12 T.O.R.) and capable of operating within a range of between 12–48 from the floor. The X-12 lift table allows for faster and easier down-stacking allowing the main stacker deck to remain in an upright position while the lift lowers for the building of full loads or bundles.

The AGS Bundle Conveying System (BCS) is built on the patented X-12 lift and is capable of conveying stacks and/or bundles. Accumulation of multiple stacks or bundles on conveyor possible if required.

A brand new and patented ball belt transfer table is available as a Stage 2 option for our BCS and includes the capability of lowering cycle times for running multiple bundle lines while gaining ergonomic and maintenance advantages as a bonus.

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Tim Connell

Director of Sales