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ARC International

By AICC Staff

January 28, 2021



Founded in 1984 by Micheal E. Foran, ARC International began as the Anilox Roll Company, Inc. Mechanically engraved and chrome plated anilox rollers were the only products the company engineered back then. The anilox roller is still the core product of ARC International. Of course, today those rollers are mostly laser engraved and crafted at facilities located in Charlotte, NC and Las Vegas, NV.

The anilox roller is often called the heart of the flexographic press as its job is to provide a specific volume of ink to the printing plate. Unfortunately, not every anilox roller accomplishes this objective. Neglected, worn, or damaged rollers are usually unable to deliver the amount of ink needed to achieve precise color density and clarity. Because of that, ARC provides seasoned field specialists whose purpose is to inspect and audit, together with your converting personnel, your flexo equipment. This includes a thorough analysis of your anilox rollers. The detailed information they gather helps you determine whether your rollers need a thorough cleaning, refurbishment, or full replacement.


In the early nineties ARC pioneered the development of solid-state laser engraving equipment, applying single-hit technology with thermally treated cells for a longer lasting roller surface, specially designed for the corrugated industry. This prompted further development of time- and cost-saving YAG laser technology and eventually the fiber optic lasers that are common today. Whether your laser engraved ceramic anilox roller needs to be reconditioned or newly fabricated, you can rest assured that ARC will use the latest laser technology and highest quality chromium oxide ceramic in its production. This includes both steel and carbon fiber roller construction.

To ensure that high quality board is delivered to the flexo, ARC offers cladded stainless-steel glue rollers engraved with Starch Saver™ hexagonal cell tooling for more efficient starch application. These rollers come with a five-year guarantee against corrosion and delamination. In the flexo feed section, ARC’s feed rollers display a “visual wear grid” that lets your operator know when it’s time to be replaced, thus avoiding crushed board.

ARC personnel will thoroughly inspect every bearing or gear step, bore, keyway, thread, bolt hole, and more, on every journal, and then refurbish them, as needed, to OEM specifications. This helps to ensure that your crews will experience a smooth installation, minimal downtime, and outstanding print quality. Visit their website at or call 800-526-4569 to schedule an audit of your anilox rollers today.

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