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Baysek Machines, Inc.

By AICC Staff

January 30, 2023


One Operator Nick-Free Multiple-Out Die Cutting

A prolonged state of world change and a diminished dependable workforce continues to keep decision makers on a quest for the ability to increase converting quality and production while reducing labor. Fortunately, proven technology of the “one operator” Baysek flat die-rotary anvil die cutting method strongly and consistently delivers on both fronts.

One Operator C-170 Die Cutter

Baysek’s flagship die cutter model C-170 has a large 1400mm x 1700mm die format that handles micro-flute through double wall corrugated with solid/thin board and single/open face capability and more. Setups and changeovers can be accomplished in as little as 10–15 minutes. Food and pharmaceutical grade Nick-Free multiple-out finished products (up to 60,000 pieces per hour) are produced with little to no human handling. There are no stripping jigs or ancillary stripping devices with the Baysek method as all waste is automatically removed via the pneumatic waste hood. Whether hand stacking the standard load trolley or utilizing the optional conveyor in-feed system and extended out-feed conveyor, Baysek C-170 operation is reduced to a single person and the touch of a computerized screen.

One Operator C-190 Die Cutter

Maintaining the same small floor footprint but expanding the sheet size to a larger 1400mm x 1900mm format, the NEW Baysek model C-190 die cutter has been field tested for over 3 years with multiple placements and new machine orders. Speed is not compromised on this larger format as the C-190 operates at the same maximum speed of the C-170 at 1800 sheets/hour. Beautifully straight stacked, step/stagger stacked, or stacks with tie sheet inserts are nearly effortlessly formed at the command of one person via a new and improved remote access HMI touch screen with job recall capability.

IR-6072 Load Turner/Pre-Feeder

The I-6072 and IR-6072 load turners require no pit and contain no messy hydraulics. Variable speed vibration allows easy squaring and removal of damaged sheets and dunnage. One operator can flip and/or rotate sheet stacks without the risk of physical injury. Optional multiple conveyor lines from the IR-6072 allow service to multiple Baysek die cutters or other equipment. It is not uncommon for Baysek customers to own and operate multiple Baysek die cutters in one facility.


Trades & Reconditioned Equipment

Baysek accepts rare trade-ins of older machine models when upgrading to a new Baysek C-170 or C-190 die cutter. Servo and conveyor infeed conversions are also offered in the field upon request.

Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Baysek was built on customer service, caring for machines around the world with 24-hour technical service to keep customers running at maximum potential, and all Baysek equipment is engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. Additionally, Baysek Machines & Engineering is located in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, which services all of Europe. Parts are stocked for customer convenience at both Baysek locations.

Baysek’s knowledgeable and friendly team stands ready to assist. Contact Baysek at 715-824-5300 or Livestream machine demonstrations and headquarters tours remain available by appointment.