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January 23, 2024

DS Smith North America Paper and Packaging

DS Smith is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, paper products and recycling services worldwide, operating in more than 30 countries. Our North America Packaging and Paper (NAPP) division is headquartered in Atlanta, with 15 box, sheet, paper mill, and recycling facilities across nine states east of the Mississippi River.

Because of the skills and knowledge of our employees, we are able to provide our customers with strategic support across their entire packaging supply cycle.


We are recognized around the world for innovation and for the quality of our packaging. Our products can improve transport and storage efficiency, boost retail presentation, and increase product sales for customers—and we do it with sustainable corrugated board. By recycling the paper fibers in our corrugated board, we can save over 360,000 trees every year from being cut down.

In North America, DS Smith has a shining example of the Circular Economy in action at our Reading, Pennsylvania, plants—where we have recycling and paper manufacturing and corrugated manufacturing operations, all within a short distance from each other. This integrated operational capacity gives us the ability to go from box to box in 14 days.

Our integrated packaging, paper and recycling operations play a central role in the value chain across sectors, including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), industrials and e-commerce.


We are also helping to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, Circular Economy with our ambitious Now & Next Sustainability Strategy. Partnering with our customers, DS Smith has already replaced 762m problem plastics with fiber-based alternatives since 2020 and created more than 30,000 circular-ready projects through our industry-leading Circular Design Metrics. In tandem, and in line with our goals to decarbonize, DS Smith also reduced CO2 emissions by 10% this past year.

Driven by the DS Smith Purpose of Redefining Packaging for a Changing World, key developments to the Now & Next Sustainability Strategy and targets, are:


By 2025, test up to five reuse pilots and continue to manufacture 100% recyclable and reusable packaging.


By 2030, reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions by 46% compared with 2019–2020.

By 2027, encourage 100% of our strategic suppliers (representing
76% of purchased goods and services emissions) to set their own science-based targets.

By 2050, reach Net Zero GHG emissions.

People and Communities

  • By 2030, engage 10 million (an increase from five million) people on the Circular Economy and circular lifestyles.
  • By 2025, inclusive leadership workshops completed by all leadership teams across all sites.
  • By 2030, improve gender diversity toward 40% women in senior leadership and set an aspiration of other protected characteristics.
  • Strive to achieve Vision Zero—zero accidents, and ultimately, zero harm.


  • By 2025, measure and improve biodiversity in our own forests and assess our dependencies on nature.
  • Set targets to regenerate nature taking a science-based approach.

By 2030, reduce water-withdrawal intensity at mills at risk of water stress by 10% compared with 2019.

Doug Wagner
Sales Manager

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